Know your blindspots!

The message today is short and sweet.  I know I’ve said that before, but today I really mean it.  I really have to mean it because as is my usual my weekend plans include more than I really can get done in one weekend.  The irony in me saying that with my “outside voice” is […]

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday as the work day drew to a close, a colleague who was exiting the building said, “I’m gone.”  I replied, “Have a great weekend!”  Everyone in earshot immediately laughed out loud as I looked and felt perplexed.  Then, she said something like, “It’s not Friday yet, Kim.  It’s only Wednesday.”  I shook my head, […]

My six month journey wasn’t just about me

Daddy used to tell me to be mindful of how I treated those who might be perceived to have less status than others in the community.  He told me to be respectful to those who cleaned, cooked, and took care of many of the things I didn’t care to manage or didn’t have time to […]

Six Months (Part 3)

Asking and answering the question, “What will be different about me in six months?” directed my thoughts to other times in my life when intimacy with a life challenge resulted in personal growth. I thought about the developmental process of my children from birth to six months.  I experienced their evolution from infants dependent on […]

Six Months (Part 2)

Last week, while traveling to Alabama, I wrote about lessons I learned in a six month period that inspired the course of my life for almost a year.  I spent last weekend in Alabama visiting my sister-in-law and my sister.  It was my first visit to Alabama since my brother’s death almost a year ago. […]

Six Months

“What will be different about me in six months?” I asked myself when I learned that I was the last candidate standing after  a competitive search and that I would not be offered the position.  I also asked close friends and mentors, “What will be different in six months?”  Some sat with me and absorbed […]

Confronting my awful medical history

My family medical history really sucks!  There is just no nice way to express my frustration with this gift that keeps on giving. I have written about it previously and my most recent doctor visits influenced my decision to write about my health journey again. Preventative health care was simply something I did when I […]

That Choppa Life

Ever feel like the good news was only a set up for the bad news?  I had a few experiences this week in which the upper pitched me like a perfectly timed alley-oop to the downer soaring to execute the rim-swinging dunk.  A friend who sat curtsied watching me direct the fast break recovery after […]

Tiana and T’Challa: More than movie mania

Anyone who knows me know that my kids and their holistic development has been at the center of my life for most of my adult life.  I have no regrets about my decision to invest in them.  My intentional investment in them enhanced my life in ways I never imagined and produced two amazingly creative, […]

Village Building

One of my passions is building healthy, supportive villages for young people.  I started this blog because I realized that grown folks often lacked the skills and abilities necessary to communicate and encourage young people in a way that propelled the young ones to greatness.  Most often I found that grown folks couldn’t even help […]