That Choppa Life

Ever feel like the good news was only a set up for the bad news?  I had a few experiences this week in which the upper pitched me like a perfectly timed alley-oop to the downer soaring to execute the rim-swinging dunk.  A friend who sat curtsied watching me direct the fast break recovery after […]

Tiana and T’Challa: More than movie mania

Anyone who knows me know that my kids and their holistic development has been at the center of my life for most of my adult life.  I have no regrets about my decision to invest in them.  My intentional investment in them enhanced my life in ways I never imagined and produced two amazingly creative, […]

Village Building

One of my passions is building healthy, supportive villages for young people.  I started this blog because I realized that grown folks often lacked the skills and abilities necessary to communicate and encourage young people in a way that propelled the young ones to greatness.  Most often I found that grown folks couldn’t even help […]

“Corduroy” by Don Freeman

This week marked the start of Black History Month which led me down a reflective path.  I began to think about the lack of Black History in the classrooms and the lack of Black faces in television, literature, and toys during my childhood.  As I struggled to remember the first time I ever saw a […]

Silence: Friend or Foe

Silence abruptly interrupted the noise. Silence startled my chaotic system that normalized the noise. Silence force me to dismiss the comfort of the external vibrato and the reverberating sound within. Silence rested at zero on the decibel meter, then locked the dial at quiet. Silence demanded my attention. Silence was a forced and pregnant pause. […]

“Ducks in Muck” by Lori Haskins

I started this blog journey because I wanted to educate, encourage, and enlighten people in topics related to building supportive villages for young people.  Raising my children had become my greatest work.  I regularly received comments from onlookers about my children being “well-behaved” and “polite.”  Sometimes people would say you should write a book about […]

Won’t He Do It

“Won’t He do it!” – an exclamation of praise and acknowledgment of the Lord’s ability to get “it” done.  “Won’t He do it” ranks right up there with “Favor ain’t fair.”  I’m not sure where I first heard these phrases, but whenever I have heard someone say either statement it was always a sign of […]

Get Ready: Turn what seems wrong into what feels just right!

When all seems wrong in your life, speak into the universe all that is right! As I close out 2017, I am forcing myself into this self-reflective, self-motivating, self-affirming process.  Disappointment, depression, diminishment and derailment sit opposite of healing, happiness, humility and hope on the spectrum that represents how we really do life.  Doing life […]

Christmas Means Life, Love & Laughter

I just realized that my subscribers will receive a notification of my most recent post on Christmas eve. For some reason that idea made me really excited. Those who know me well know that I love to laugh and, in general, it doesn’t take much of an attempt at comedy to get a giggle out […]

My Holiday Wish

The holiday season is so commercialized that I think it’s easy for people forget about the reasons that the season is supposed to be meaningful. The momentum for the religious and cultural observations in December starts building in late October. Halloween advertising, party planning, and the all important costume selections ignite a festive spirit. As […]