Confronting my awful medical history

My family medical history really sucks!  There is just no nice way to express my frustration with this gift that keeps on giving. I have written about it previously and my most recent doctor visits influenced my decision to write about my health journey again. Preventative health care was simply something I did when I […]

Christmas Means Life, Love & Laughter

I just realized that my subscribers will receive a notification of my most recent post on Christmas eve. For some reason that idea made me really excited. Those who know me well know that I love to laugh and, in general, it doesn’t take much of an attempt at comedy to get a giggle out […]

Rivalry Week

The week that you consider the rest of the season a warm up for the next game, it might be rivalry week.  Alabamians, in general, have strong opinions about most topics, but are especially opinionated about college football.  There is no professional football team in the state of Alabama and there are only a handful […]

Football & Family Memories

Ever been in the middle of something and think of something else completely unrelated? Today, I thought about my brother and my dad while I enjoyed my version of “College Game Day.” My version kept the noise of a game in the background most of the day as some other activity served as my primary […]

Easter Memories

To say that I have been a little distracted this week would be an understatement.    I spent the week coming to terms with my new normal without my brother and preparing myself, my family, and my staff for my trip to Alabama to pay my respects to him.  Shopping for a few last minute […]

Change – The Only Constant in My Life

Change seems to be the only constant in my life.  Maybe change has always been a constant, but it usually happens so fluidly that I rarely notice it.  Change is necessary to prevent monotony and boredom with life.  Change keeps me aware that I am alive.  Change exists on a sliding scale like a spectrum […]

Big Mama

Yesterday, I went to do a little self-care at a local nail salon.  The young woman who checked me in was so courteous.  She was so hospitable that I took notice of her and I paid close attention to how she interacted with other folks in the salon.  Her grace and kindness came as easy […]

The Sound of Love

Daddy used to say, “Ooowee, Lola, Buddy made that horn talk!”  My daddy called my brother Buddy and almost everyone else called my brother “Butch.”  Although my brother answered to at least two nicknames, the name Mama gave him was Charles which made my brother a junior.  People called my brother “Cooper, Jr” in order […]

Elf madness, a new holiday tradition

When I was a child, I heard that Santa Claus lived at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus.  Reportedly, Santa had a workshop in which elves made toys.  I thought the elves lived at the North Pole with Mr. and Mrs. Claus until events of recent years gave me reason to doubt my theory.  A […]

The Cup

A few months ago on a first Sunday morning I sat on the pew in church marveling about the innovation of the communion cup.  So, I took a picture of my communion cup because I knew that I might explore this wondrous moment further at some point in the future.  As I sat looking at […]