Village Building

One of my passions is building healthy, supportive villages for young people.  I started this blog because I realized that grown folks often lacked the skills and abilities necessary to communicate and encourage young people in a way that propelled the young ones to greatness.  Most often I found that grown folks couldn’t even help […]

Silence: Friend or Foe

Silence abruptly interrupted the noise. Silence startled my chaotic system that normalized the noise. Silence force me to dismiss the comfort of the external vibrato and the reverberating sound within. Silence rested at zero on the decibel meter, then locked the dial at quiet. Silence demanded my attention. Silence was a forced and pregnant pause. […]

Who will take care of me?

Many of my experiences this week seemed unrelated, but in my reflective moments I found common threads: 1. Communities rely heavily on our youth to lead without adequate support of the grown folks around them. 2. Young people need grown folks to support them with less judgment. 3. Grown folks need to remain in conversations […]


In the world of sports, coaches and players have often said, “never underestimate your opponent.” Unfortunately, most folks have restricted that advice to the sports arena.  My practice has been to never understimate people, in general.  Honestly, I have never seen any benefit in expecting people to have limited opportunities or looking forward to below […]

Time for rest and recovery

What a week! Tuesday, I recounted a story from “a couple of days ago.”  My colleague chuckled when I said “Wait, what is today?”  I realized it was Tuesday and the thing I spoke about happened Monday, the day prior.  The last two weeks were demanding.  I stayed home in my pajamas most of last weekend in order to recover […]

Disappointment – Pain or Power

Disappointment… The uninvited acquaintance. The pesky flying insect interrupting peaceful sleep. The disaffirming messenger. The devil’s advocate who wont hush. The proverbial “punch in the gut.” The giver of rejection. The jolt that startles the shocked spirit. The slow release of air from the tire. The immobilizing splint. The poorly timed joke. The guest with […]

Why I do it and what it taught me

“She’s a workaholic,” said one person to another about me.  “Why do you come to work so early?” asked another person.  “Go home, you work too much,” was another statement I heard this month.  This work ethic may explain why at the end of the last two school years I wrote about being hung over. […]

Dream With Your Eyes Wide Open

My journey as a blogger started because I wanted to encourage people who parent.  All of my life I have chosen opportunities that connected me with young people without considering the consistent theme each time I made the choice. A few months ago a good friend and mentor heard me say that my body of […]

The Comparison Game

A wise advisor once told me, “You can never win the comparison game.”  That message wasn’t news to me, but I needed to hear it at that moment.  My favorite football coach has often said a similar thing to me (and the kids): “Just focus on you!”  Both advisors admonished me to keep my focus […]

Customer Service, Part 2

I did not plan to write about customer service again this week, but as life would have it recent experiences provided cause for another discussion on this subject.  By the end of the week, the tactics and intentional shifty business practices of the apartment and cell phone industries left me shaking my head.  I reflected […]