Tiana and T’Challa: More than movie mania

Anyone who knows me know that my kids and their holistic development has been at the center of my life for most of my adult life.  I have no regrets about my decision to invest in them.  My intentional investment in them enhanced my life in ways I never imagined and produced two amazingly creative, […]

My son – the explorer and envelope pusher

For the last three weeks, I have enjoyed conversations with friends, coworkers, and strangers with children.  We have talked about every thing from bed wetting and child leashes to meal preparation and the reasons children make us laugh.  I was reminded that I began blogging in an effort to share anecdotal stories that encourage people […]

Gearing Up For School

A few weeks ago I went into an office supply store shopping for a small shredder for my house.  Of all of the household appliances, I think that my favorite ball coach ranked the shredder at the top of the list just behind the first place vacuum cleaner.  Before confessing to him that I dropped […]

The Purge

Since I got married twenty-eight years ago, I have moved at least fourteen times.  The first move was mostly personal belongings and hand-me-down furnishings. The most recent move came complete with years of accumulated stuff courtesy of the husband, the kids, and me.  We also owned the things bequeathed to us by folks who wanted […]

Back to school: Tales from my journey (Part 3)

Writing Part 3 of the back-to-school tales from my journey proved cathartic for me.  Friday evening, I received a text from my daughter saying that she had been pulled over by a police officer and soon after she stopped her car two other units approached with lights and sirens, parking their cars strategically to prevent […]

Back to school: Tales from my journey (Part 2)

My school begins the fall semester Monday and I am not ready.  Last week was filled with trainings and things designed to get students and faculty ready for the academic year.  However, getting everyone else geared up and feeling excited about the possibilities ahead meant a lot of time away from my office.  Campus training […]

Back to School: Tales from my journey (Part 1)

  Last week my post discussed the start of the football season and what that meant in the lives of coaches’ wives.  Well, football ain’t the only thing kicking off in August.  The start of football season signals the start of school for many kids and families.  Back-to-school for me and my grown children is […]

Back-to-School means more than shopping

It seems like it hasn’t been that long since the school district broke for summer and now it’s already time for the kids to go back to school.  When my kids were school age, they looked forward to shopping for new clothes, shoes, and school supplies.  Every fall when those back to school shopping commercials […]

Making champions!

All the talk about the college national championship game reminded me of something a football coach once said to me: “We are trying to make champions over here.”  At that time, I was a mom who had been living with the decision to step away from my career goals and dreams to dedicate my energy, […]

“Sunday go to meeting”

When I was a child, my mom would take me shopping several times a year.  We would generally go before school started, before Easter Sunday, and then in early June for some summer clothes. I honestly don’t remember the shopping for summer clothes, but I really want to think we shopped more than twice a […]