Tiana and T’Challa: More than movie mania

Anyone who knows me know that my kids and their holistic development has been at the center of my life for most of my adult life.  I have no regrets about my decision to invest in them.  My intentional investment in them enhanced my life in ways I never imagined and produced two amazingly creative, […]

Silence: Friend or Foe

Silence abruptly interrupted the noise. Silence startled my chaotic system that normalized the noise. Silence force me to dismiss the comfort of the external vibrato and the reverberating sound within. Silence rested at zero on the decibel meter, then locked the dial at quiet. Silence demanded my attention. Silence was a forced and pregnant pause. […]

Won’t He Do It

“Won’t He do it!” – an exclamation of praise and acknowledgment of the Lord’s ability to get “it” done.  “Won’t He do it” ranks right up there with “Favor ain’t fair.”  I’m not sure where I first heard these phrases, but whenever I have heard someone say either statement it was always a sign of […]

Get Ready: Turn what seems wrong into what feels just right!

When all seems wrong in your life, speak into the universe all that is right! As I close out 2017, I am forcing myself into this self-reflective, self-motivating, self-affirming process.  Disappointment, depression, diminishment and derailment sit opposite of healing, happiness, humility and hope on the spectrum that represents how we really do life.  Doing life […]

My Holiday Wish

The holiday season is so commercialized that I think it’s easy for people forget about the reasons that the season is supposed to be meaningful. The momentum for the religious and cultural observations in December starts building in late October. Halloween advertising, party planning, and the all important costume selections ignite a festive spirit. As […]

The Benefits of Dreaming

Mitch Matthews and his wife started Big Dream Gatherings in May 2006 after they realized their game development dream seemed a failed venture.  After guiding friends and friends of friends through the Big Dream Gathering experience over a span of several days at their home, the introverted Mitch became an inspirational voice promoting the power […]

Rivalry Week

The week that you consider the rest of the season a warm up for the next game, it might be rivalry week.  Alabamians, in general, have strong opinions about most topics, but are especially opinionated about college football.  There is no professional football team in the state of Alabama and there are only a handful […]

Time for rest and recovery

What a week! Tuesday, I recounted a story from “a couple of days ago.”  My colleague chuckled when I said “Wait, what is today?”  I realized it was Tuesday and the thing I spoke about happened Monday, the day prior.  The last two weeks were demanding.  I stayed home in my pajamas most of last weekend in order to recover […]

Disappointment – Pain or Power

Disappointment… The uninvited acquaintance. The pesky flying insect interrupting peaceful sleep. The disaffirming messenger. The devil’s advocate who wont hush. The proverbial “punch in the gut.” The giver of rejection. The jolt that startles the shocked spirit. The slow release of air from the tire. The immobilizing splint. The poorly timed joke. The guest with […]

You can overcome the chaos

I believe that each of us, in our reflective moments, has considered events in our past that changed us forever.  When I was in my mid twenties, someone challenged me to write down as many significant life experiences as  I could remember.  The challenger also directed me to think back as far as I could […]